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Your  landscape is often the first visual image people notice, which is why it’s important to routinely take care of it. If lawn care has seemed like a never-ending chore, contact Turfmaster Lawn Service. Serving the Midlands of South Carolina, and surrounding areas, our lawn care company will help you achieve the perfect look for your landscape.

Meet Our Landscaping Contractor

As a child, Patrick Lester was fascinated by watching plants grow. He would plant a seed in a cup of dirt, water it, and with a little time and a lot of prayer, a plant would emerge. This passion has continued through his life and given him the ability to enjoy each day by working with something that still fascinates him.


The Beginning of Our Lawn Care Company

Many years ago, our landscaping contractor started his mowing lawns after school and on the weekends. Over the years, his passion evolved from an after school job to operating a multi-service landscape company. Patrick’s experiences throughout the years have given him a unique perspective and passion for lawn care and landscape maintenance.

As the owner of Turfmaster Lawn Services, Patrick takes great pride in working with all clients residing in Midlands of South Carolina. Get in touch with our landscaping contractor to learn more about our services.


Providing you with superior services while applying the best horticultural knowledge possible is our mission. We enjoy working with clients and finding creative ways to bring lawns and landscapes back to life. It’s a process that’s ever-changing and almost always guarantees a different approach every time.

As a customer-centered landscape company, we’re constantly striving to further our knowledge and techniques to provide you with what we call: Premier Customer Service. This is our pledge to provide unmatched professionalism and services while performing our lawn care service to your landscape.

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